The M- Triangle – The Mysterious Perm Anomalous Zone, Russia

The Russian Bermuda Triangle

The village of Molyobka sits on the border of the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions. Opposite the village, on the left bank of the Sylva River, is the famous Molyobka Triangle (also known as the Perm anomalous zone) — a geo-anomaly that is similar to the notorious Bermuda Triangle. This place was once sacred to the Mansi people.

The anomaly became popular in the 1980s, when Perm geologist Emil Bachurin found a round, 206-foot print in the snow. Since then, the triangle has been a regular source of news on Yetis, UFOs, shining spheres and plasmoids. Research has also shown a powerful bio-location anomaly here.

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Emil Bachurin’s Sighting Claims

*  1989-The Battle of the Flying Saucers
The Devil’s Grave… Almost Fantastic Story
1991 Russian Crash and Retrieval, “Grave of the Devil” Part 2
Po tu storonu absurdnogo nastoiashchego: Kommentarii k knige Zhaka Valle “Viza v Magoniiu”    (Russian paperback 1991 by Emil Bachurin)


According to different estimates, there are about a dozen anomalous zones in several parts of Russia. The M- Triangle in the Perm Region is one of the most mysterious places. It was discovered in the 1980s and covers an area of 70 People or cars do not disappear there but watches do stop, and bright glowing and coloured lightning often appear in the sky. Ufologists believe that such phenomena occur in places of underground fractures where strong energy is coming up from the depths of the Earth. A fracture is actually a wave duct for electromagnetic energy to come up from the lower layers of the planet. This results in colour, sound and other phenomena, explains Nikolay Subbotin, one of the organizers of the Perm Ufology Conference. However, certain things happen in the M-Triangle that are difficult to explain.
See: Anomalous Images from Russia (by Nicolay Subbotin)

“For example, take the effect of a “frozen sound”, as we call it. It happens as follows. You sit near a fire and hear a tractor coming. You wait for it to come into view but it never does and the sound subsides. Some phenomena cause inexplicable fear, when you walk along a path and suddenly get overwhelmed as if the infrasound or some other thing affected your brain. You can come to the same place on purpose the next day and nothing happens. There must be something there, either of the electromagnetic nature or some invisible objects indeed.”

All these unusual things are still to be explained. Now well-known Russian aeronaut Valentin Yefremov is watching over the M-Triangle from the air. He will probably be able to reveal the secret of the Perm Anomalous Zone. Everyone who visits this beautiful place says that they want to come back and walk along these paths at least once again.

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