The Mysterious Time Lapse Event of Pan American Airways Flight 914 (Solved)

September 9, 1990, Caraga Venezuela South America. A long Douglas-type aircraft suddenly appeared over Caracas airport. The airport’s radar could not find the plane after the Pilot called the airport control tower asking where they were.

Illustrative image of a Pan American Airways Douglas DC-4

Illustrative image of a Pan American Airways Aircraft Douglas DC-4

Control Tower: “This is Venezuela, where did you just come from?”
The pilot exclaimed: “God! We are Pan American Airways Flight 914 from New York to Miami Florida.
Control Tower: How did you make such an error of more than 2,000 kilometers?
“Then the Airport personnel took a look at the airport staffs old diary and logs and in fact they did find It. Only it was July 2, 1955 that the plane took off,  a lapse of 35 years.
The surprised Airport staff said: “It can not be that you are who you say you are.

However after verification by Telex and fax with New York & Florida; Flight 914 did in fact fly on July 2, 1955 from New York to Florida, but suddenly went missing, the plane was never found and more than 50 passengers families had all been compensated for with death benefits by the Airline assuming the plane crashed in the sea. The people returned to the U.S. to their families at home, really making an even bigger surprise. Their Children and relatives were all old, and they were all still young. U.S. officials and scientists specifically checked the identity cards of the passengers and checked their bodies, that this was not a farce or fact. They story still remains a mystery.

The above story is circling the internet for some years now. 2008 | 20092010 | 2014 | and still today
So far there is no crash data, historical data, historical news articles, etc, to be found to verify this event.


– Pan American AccidentsNo mention of the event
– 1955 – No Mention of the event 1990No mention of the event – AccidentsNo mention of the event
– ASN records over 80 aircraft missing since 1948 – No mention of the event
1945 List of converted USAAF Serial Numbers  

1950’s Pan Am Advertisements | Pan Am History 1950’s Articles
 Law case dated  July 18, 1963 concerning a Pan American flight incident with the DC-7B aircraft *916 on December 28,    1955 and Pan American flight No. 65-(DC-7B) on Dec 26 1955
 Pan American World Airways, Inc. records, 1902-2005 | University of Miami Special Collections


News article mentioning the 50.000th atlantic crossing on June 28 1955 with the DC-7B Clipper Ëvening Star”Flight 062 | Source | Article


June 28 1955
This article mentions the 50.000th atlantic crossing with the Pan Am DC-7B Clipper “Evening Star” Flight 062 on June 28 1955. This big event happened four days before the alleged missing of Pan Am Flight 914. Source

1955: Pan Am’s 49% stake in MEA is sold to British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) Source



Route Maps

Pan Am Route Maps


More Info
Pan American World Airways
Pan American World Airways, Inc. records, 1902-2005 | University of Miami Special Collections

Pan Am Documentaries
Death of An American Dream – The Pan Am Story
Come Fly With Me – The Story of Pan Am (BBC Documentary)




Edited on 17 November 2016:

The Source of the story found

After a long search i have finally found the source of the above story .. read on ..

This story was published three times by the fictional and satirical tabloid Weekly World News.;

On 7 may 1985, in May 1993 and on 7 sept 1999, running by the title ‘Riddle of Flight 914‘.


The Weekly World News was (and still is) a largely fictional news tabloid published in the United States from 1979 to 2007, renowned for its outlandish cover stories often based on supernatural or paranormal themes and a satirical approach to news. Since the Weekly World News began to publish online, its stories have occasionally been treated as legitimate news stories by readers unaware of the nature of the publication. Weekly World News ceased their print publication in August 2007. It was then published as an insert within The Sun magazine, with new material being printed alongside articles and columns from older issues, until Sun itself ceased publication in 2012.  In 2009, Weekly World News was relaunched as an online only publication. Its current editor-in-chief is Neil McGinness. ( … read more)

The Weekly World News originated as a spin-off from the National Enquirer, as a way of separating the spoof UFO and Bigfoot articles from the Hollywood gossip columns. The void left by the demise of the Weekly World News in the realm of U.S. supermarket tabloids is filled by The Sun, another major tabloid to focus on spoof pseudoscience. ( .. read more)

Weekly World News – 7 may 1985 – Page 25

The first time the story was published was on 7 May 1985, seven years prior to when fictional Flight 914 supposedly had landed in Weekly World News’s later stories.
In their first story, written by Derek Clontz, Flight 914 landed in March 1985, 30 years after Flight 914 departed in 1955.
The story includes an eyewitness;  an air-traffic controller by the name Juan de la Corte.
The story does nowhere mention the plane was a Pan American Airways flight.

The writer, Derek Eugene Clontz, Born: February 19, 1952. is a writer and herbalist who now runs his own website promoting his books about Elvis and Michael Jackson still being alive.

Derek Clontz is a writer of international reach with his articles on parapsychology, politics, conspiracies, cover-ups, health and fitness, intimacy and relationships, religion and spirituality, herbs and herbal remedies, the odd, the strange, the eerie, the fantastic, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, UFOs and extraterrestrials, Cryptozoic phenomenon and much, much more having appeared in thousands of newspapers and magazines worldwide in a career that so far spans three decades. He served on staff as a lead writer or top editor at mainstream and mass-circulation newspapers, including but not limited to Freedom Newspapers and Media General titles, and, in the realm of supermarket tabloids, “Globe”, “Star”, “National Examiner” and “The National Enquirer’s” iconic “Weekly World News”.


Weekly World News – 7 May 1985 – Page 25

Weekly World News – May 1993 – Page 72

In the 2nd story they ran, Flight 914 had landed in 1992, 37 years after it departed in 1955, and 7 years later than in the first story they had published.
This story again includes the eyewitness;  air-traffic controller Juan de la Corte, this time along with a picture of Juan.


Weekly World News – May 1993 – Page 72

Weekly World News – 7 sept 1999

The 3rd story they ran, again included a picture of the eyewitness;  air-traffic controller Juan de la Corte. Note that this time Juan de la Corte is not the same person of the picture of the 2nd story they published in May 1993.


Weekly World News – 7 September 1999


fake stamp

There are no records for this event to be found in any data base or archive of other news articles of that time, other than those by Weekly World News and the copies that still cycle the internet today.

Most, if not all, stories by Weekly World News are fictional and satirical. See more samples below and/or check their website to draw your own conclusions.

Conclusion: This story is fake

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Similar Mysterious Aircraft Stories by Weekly World News

There are similar stories of disappearing aircraft that mysteriously reappear many years later, published by ‘Weekly World News



Santiago Airlines Flight 513, a Lockheed Super Constellation Aircraft, that flew out of Germany in 1954 has landed in Porto Alegre Brazil on 12 October 1989 with 92 skeletons on board. The dead captain, Miquel Victor Cury was still clutching the controls 

Source: a Weekly World News Tabloid Story by Irwin Fisher – Weekly World News – 14 nov 1989 – Page 15

And is still running: This video was uploaded to youtube on 1 Nov 2013


A Plane that went missing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Havanna, Cuba, in 1939 lands 55 years later at Bogota airport in Colombia with 36 skeletons on board

Source:  a  Weekly World News Tabloid Story by Joe Berger


The story that is still cycling the internet on many websites today:

In 1946 a Lockheed Constellation went missing from a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Havanna. The plane landed in December 1993, at the Bogota airport in Colombia. The plane came in totally unannounced, and almost came into collision with another airplane whilst landing. Security went to the scene, and made a stunning discovery: On board there were 36 skeletons. The mystery has become even greater when on board they found a hot cup of coffee and lit cigarettes Old Gold brand , long extinct. In the passenger seats the newspapers were on the day of 21/09/1946, which were yellowed by time and still smelled of print.



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