Research to these images origin – Not everything is always what it looks like

Image 1
Image 2
Research on request (see comments) to the origin of image 1 used in this article and for many other sources on the internet.

Research Image 1
Video compilation of hydrogen bomb testing found on youtube:

Pause the video @ 02min.56sec
Pause the video @ 02min.56sec and u’ll see the origin of the orinal article‘s image: A still of Hydrogen bomb Castle Bravo testing (According the info below the video) The Codename was Ivy Mike
(Or pause this video on Youtube at 02min:32sec)

Castle Bravo

Video of the first H bomb testing Castle Bravo
A short documentary describing the miscalcuation of testing hydrogen bomb Castle Bravo that led to the largest radiological accident in U.S. history
More images of the testing of hydrogen bomb Castle Bravo
Article with picture at National Geographic Note: This doesnt look like the still from the first video

Castle Romeo

Castle Romeo was the second test from the operation castle
Video from the commander’s report film archive
Here we have the origin of Image 1
More images of the testing of hydrogen bomb Castle Romeo

Conclusion: Image 1 is a video still of the testing of Hydrogen bomb Castle Romeo

Research Image 2
Sprites info Sprites pictures
Upper-atmospheric lightning Red Sprite Pictures
Sprite (lightning) Image of the day
Red Sprites, Blue Jets and Elves
Sprites and Jets
Sprite researches
From faculty Albany
Stanford Sprite Research
FMA Research
University of Alaska, Fairbanks – Sprite research home page
Red Sprites and Blue Jets – an older page maintained by UAF
NASA’s sprite page: Los Alamos National Laboratory – computer models of sprites
Video info & Examples
More links
Diagram: How to Look for Sprites
UFOCapture software for unknown universe
Sprite Chasers
Sky-Fire TV
More Strange Weather Phenomena
Weather Phenomena
Most Bizarre Meteorological Phenomena

Conclusion: Image 2 is a Red Sprite

Result of Research
The image of the Castle Romeo bomb testing which is used in the article looks as you can see, very simular to the imageof the Red Sprite
The simularities have likely caused the mix up, not just on the website where the article came from but on many other sources on the internet as well, where they vary from sprites to boms to UFO’s.I think the author just used the image as illustration because there wasn’t a picture available of the event itself as the Sprite Phenomena is a millisecond event that requires special equipment to photographNow we know the origin of these images and have set the record straight on that 🙂This post on Facebook was a repost of the news item from this article which i left intact and added with links meant for information about the Phenomena “Sprites” and making the point that

“things aren’t always what they look like”

which still stands and counts double now.

Sharing is multiplying, so share this research and stay alert! 🙂

Bookofresearch: Research to Images Origin

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